‘Snapshots’ features photographs of interest to postal historians. La Posta readers with interesting or historical photographs should send a 300 dpi or better scan, or a sharp color or black and white photocopy, plus a photo caption to: Be sure to include your name and address.

Westminster, Md. PO Vehicles
United Air Lines Airmail
Treasure Isle Game Show Mail
The First Airmail Postal Card
The Growth of Airmail in Canada
Moving the Mail Under Postmaster General J. Edward Day
Loading Mail onto a ‘Flying Boxcar’ in 1946
Chicago Post Office Mails Bonds to World War I Vets
Two Early Views of Mailbox Pickups
RPO Mailcar and Pender, Nebraska, February 19, 1970
Two Snowy Mail Deliveries
The Northwest’s First Airmail Flight
Portland’s 1953 Air Parcel Post Service
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