La Posta: The Journal of American Postal History is an independent quarterly journal devoted exclusively to the subject of American postal history.

The journal was founded by Richard “Bill” Helbock in 1969 and celebrated its 50th year of publication in 2018. Helbock, who retired to Australia, died in 2011 and Peter Martin was chosen to replace him as editor. Martin purchased La Posta Publications, which included the journal, from Helbock’s widow in 2013.

La Posta is one of the few independent philatelic publications in North American and is the largest subscriber-based journal in that category. Each 72-page quarterly issue features a variety of the more than 50 different aspects of American postal history written by the leading postal history researchers, collectors, and dealers.

From town postal histories, Prexies, and expositions, to Civil War, auxiliary markings, modern contract stations and social philately you’ll find a cornucopia of original research, new finds and detailed information about interesting and complex subjects not found anywhere else. La Posta production is top notch, with full color on coated pages and with a perfect binding.

La Posta has always been supported by a strong fan base of leading postal historians. The renewal rate has continuously been near 90 per cent and many subscribers pay more than the $36 annual subscription price to support the journal as Patron, Benefactor or Sustaining subscribers. More than half of subscribers have been with the journal for more than 20 years.

La Posta was entered in recent StampShow and Chicagopex Literature Exhibitions and received Large Golds, the highest medal level, from the two major literature exhibitions in North America. La Posta was the only philatelic journal to receive this recognition from both juries.

La Posta