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Aspects of American Postal History

Aspects of American Postal History was published with the prime purpose of promoting the wide range American postal history. It was compiled and edited by Peter Martin, the editor of La Posta: The Journal of American Postal History.
The book is hardbound, 8.5 x 11 inches, 224 pages, and in full color. Aspects of American Postal History features “The Sweet 16,” 16 different aspects of the American postal history written by 16 leading authors, all specialists in their subject areas. The articles cover in-depth looks at diverse postal history subjects spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.
To showcase the type of research and scholarship presented in this work, the offprint of the lead article Independent State Mail and Confederate Use of U.S. Postage—How Secession Occurred; Correcting the Record, written by Patricia A. Kaufmann, received the Chicagopex 2017 Literature Reserve Grand Award. The book was also used to help teach the postal history course at the 2017 APS Summer Seminar.
Equally impressive in scope and content are articles by the other 15 authors. The full list of authors and their subject areas are:Equally impressive in scope and content are articles by the other 15 authors. The full list of authors and their subject areas are:

Roland Austin Liberty Series
Albert ‘Chip’ Briggs
Charles A. Fricke
Richard S. Hemmings
19th Century, New York
John M. Hotchner
Auxiliary Markings
Brady R. Hunt
Oklahoma Hotel Advertising
Patricia A. Kaufmann
Confederate States
William J. Keller
Highway Post Office
Kelvin Kindahl
Modern, Contract Stations
Eric Knapp
Alaska, Censorship
Sergio Lugo
Military Postal History
Ralph H. Nafziger
First Day Cover, Oregon
Charles A. Neyhart Jr.
Exposition Postal History
Paul Petosky
Town Postal History, Michigan
Christine C. Sanders
Topical Postal History, Christmas
Jesse I. Spector
Social Postal History, Slavery

Whether you’re a postal history veteran or a novice, Aspects of American Postal History has something for everyone.
The book is available from La Posta Publications, POB 6074 Fredericksburg, VA 22403. The retail price for Aspects of American Postal History is $65 plus $5 shipping.

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