Postal History

U.S. Postage Rate Tool

Quickly lookup the US postage rates for any date. Courtesy of Stamp Smarter.

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U.S. ZIP Code Tool

Quickly look up the US ZIP Codes. Courtesy of Stamp Smarter.

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Stamp Smarter Control Perfin Census

In mid 1909 the Schermack Company began experimenting with the addition of a Control Perfin to their existing affixing machines. This census is the is the most comprehensive and complete listing of these interesting perfins.

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Stamp Smarter USPO Forms Database

Postal forms offer a tremendous opportunity for a better insight into how the postal system operated. This is the largest online database of US postal forms available and was built upon Tony Wawrukiewicz and David Straight's work.

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Stamp Smarter Fancy Cancels Community Project

There is no firm definition for a ‘fancy cancel’ but they tend to be attractive, somewhat unique cancels. Many were produced at the local post office level by postmaster and other postal employees. This database contains over 10,000 cancels covering every decade.

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