From 1987 through 1995 La Posta published a series of 11 postal history monographs by a variety of authors. A complete list is shown below. All are out of print and no longer for sale from La Posta.

The Original La Posta Monograph Series, 1987-1995

Volume 1
Postal History of Louisville, Kentucky by Louis Cohen, 1987, 77pp.
Volume 2
Prexie Postal History: An Anthology Examining the Postal History Possibilities Presented by the 1938 Presidential Series edited by Richard W. Helbock, 1988, 100pp.
Volume 3
Colorado Illustrated Covers by Kenneth Segerstrom, 1988, 104pp.
Volume 4
The Postal History of Montana through June 30, 1870 by Daniel Meschter, 1989, 91pp.
Volume 5
Walter D. Wesson’s “Time on Bottom” Duplex Hand Cancelers,” by Thedore Bozarth, compiled and edited by Russell F. Hanmer, 1990, 52pp.
Volume 6
The Censorship of International Civilian Mail During World War II: The History, Structure and Operation of the United States Office of Censorship by Steven M. Roth, 1991, 103pp.
Volume 7
The Black Jack in Vermont by Durward Mommsen, 1991, 78pp.
Volume 8
San Francisco Postal Markings, 1847-1900 by John M. Mahoney, 1992, 127pp.
Volume 9
Redirected Mail: The Redirecting System of the US Post Office for First Class Mail, 1799- Present by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz, 1993, 86pp.
Volume 10
Pre-Territorial Colorado Postal History by Daniel Y. Meschter, 1994, 97pp.
Volume 11
Military Mail and Civil War Patriotic Covers Used in Missouri by Robert Schultz and Ward Parker, 1995, 98pp.

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